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Office 360 is more than just business management software.

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My Ledger Office360

Anywhere, Anytime, Accounting Platform

My Ledger Office360 is an Account Management Application focuses on making things easier for businesses in to managing their Accounts, day-to-day Transaction, Clients, sales, generate business reports, create and send invoices, and see the progress of the business at anytime anywhere.

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Sales Booster

Sales Booster

Give a Boost to your business

Sales Management System, it is design for all type of business who are selling products.
B2B or B2C or D2C or B2B + B2C

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Steel Business

Steel Business

Give your business a Professional Touch

Specifically design for Steel Business. To manage your Inventory, Enquiry, Quotations, Sales, Proforma, Challan, Dispatch, Stock.

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HR Solutions

Empower Your Workforce

This Software is like a digital helper for managing people at work. It keeps track of important information about employees, helps with paying them, tracks when they come and go, and assists with hiring and evaluating staff. It makes managing your team and making important decisions easier.

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Document Manager OCR

Docs Manager

Scan your Documents and Helps you to find it Based on Content

Welcome to Docs Manager Office360 – your premier solution for comprehensive document management. At Docs Manager Office360, we understand the critical importance of efficiently managing documents in a fast-paced business environment.

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Patient Management

Keep a track on your Patient Health

This Software is like a digital tool that helps doctors and healthcare professionals keep track of their patients. It stores all the important information about patients, like their medical history and appointments. This software makes it easier for healthcare providers to take care of their patients and keep everything organized.

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Keep a track on your Patient Health

Customizable Management Software is like a digital Swiss Army knife for businesses. Whether you're in retail, healthcare, or any other industry, this software can be tailored to help you organize, keep track of things, and work more efficiently. It's like having a tool that can adapt to your specific business needs.

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